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Singapore's Blueprint on Sustainable Development and legislation to green existing buildings

  • Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development recommended for 80% of Singapore's buildings to be green marked by 2030
  • Singapore government incentives to encourage building owners to adopt energy efficient retrofitting design, technologies and practices in their existing buildings

Government initiatives

  • NEA plans to construct 10 new hawker centres by 2017
  • LTA plans to expand the existing network of sheltered linkways by an additional 200km between 2014 and 2018
  • Plans to increase the current population of Singapore which directly impacts demand for infrastructure

Regulatory requirements for building maintenance

  • Mandatory repainting of building exterior walls at intervals of not more than five years (unless the Commissioner of Buildings approves otherwise) creates perennial demand for R&R works

Opportunities in related or ancillary businesses

  • Rising construction costs of new buildings coupled with aging of HDB flats and estates has led to growth in demand for major refurbishment and services that are complementary to our existing capabilities such as home retrofitting, handyman and estate management