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Welcome to ISOTeam Limited Investor Relations

Founded in 1998, we are an established player in the building maintenance and estate upgrading industry in Singapore. Being an early adopter of eco-conscious methods with over 15 years of R&R and A&A experience, our public and private sector clients have the advantage of having access to our eco-expertise as well as our mainstream R&R and A&A capabilities to achieve cost-effective and eco-conscious R&R and A&A for their buildings and estates.

Led by our experienced and professional team of senior management and key executives, ISOTeam has undertaken over 200 R&R and A&A projects involving more than 1,500 buildings. The Company's founders were also Platinum recipients of the 2011 Successful Entrepreneur Awards.

We actively procure and integrate environmentally sustainable products, solutions and building methods into our projects. Eco-conscious methods allow our clients to achieve better energy and water efficiency and/or minimises waste created by our projects through reusing, recycling and conserving resources.

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